St. Louis Rams PSLs


Licensor hereby expressly reserves the following rights:

The right to terminate this Agreement and refund

part or all of the Licensee’s deposit …”

                                      -- Rams’ purported PSL Agreement (emphasis added)


When the Rams abandoned St. Louis in January 2016, they not only broke the hearts of their fans in the Gateway City, they left tens of thousands of PSL owners holding the bag. Those fans had bought PSLs, or Personal Seat Licenses, entitling them to buy season tickets through the 2024 season. The Rams’ move to Los Angeles rendered the last nine years of those PSLs worthless.  Yet the Rams have refused to reimburse the PSL owners, as they are obligated to do.

One of the Rams’ PSL owners, Ron McAllister, has sued the Rams on behalf of himself and all other PSL owners, seeking to be reimbursed for the value of those nine years. Ron owns two PSLs, one bought when the Rams arrived in St. Louis in 1995 and the other in 2005. Over the Rams’ 21 years in St. Louis, Ron attended 169 of their 172 regular season and playoff games, as well as both of their Super Bowls.

Ron is entitled to 30% of the $1,000 he paid for his 1995 PSL (nine unusable years out of the 30-year life of the PSL) and 45% of the $1,000 he paid for his 2005 PSL (nine unusable years out of the 20 year-life of that PSL). Click on this link to read his Complaint, filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri by the Law Office of Richard S. Cornfeld, The Bruning Law Firm, LLC and Goldenberg Heller & Antognoli, P.C.

If you owned PSLs when the Rams left St. Louis, you are part of the Class that Ron is seeking to represent. If the court certifies this Class, notice will be provided regarding your rights.

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