Massage Envy


When Is an Hour Not an Hour?

That’s not a riddle, but if it were, you’d find the answer at your local Massage Envy spa.

Massage Envy is a giant in its field, with more than 1,100 locations nationwide.  For new customers, it offers an “Introductory 1-Hour Massage Session.”  But here’s the kicker:  Your massage lasts no more than 50 minutes.  The rest of the hour, which you’re paying for, is spent answering questions like, “Why did you come in today?” [why do they think?], getting undressed, lying on the table, waiting for the massage therapist to show up, and getting dressed again.

But they don’t tell you that.  What they say is, “You’ll be draped with the sheet during your entire massage session.”  Are you draped with a sheet when you’re answering questions?  Or when you're getting undressed or dressed?  Of course not.  But that time counts against the hour.

The Law Office of Richard S. Cornfeld, LLC, along with The Bruning Law Firm, LLC, has brought a class action representing customers who believed what Massage Envy said about the hour.  They seek to recover what they and other customers spent for the time in the “massage” that wasn’t a massage.  Click here to read the Complaint in the lawsuit, Pirozzi v. Massage Envy Franchising, LLC.

If you got caught up in Massage Envy’s “hour that wasn’t an hour” and are willing to talk about your experience, please contact us so that we can evaluate whether you have a similar claim.  There is no charge or obligation for discussing your experiences, reviewing your information or answering your questions.