Excessive Shipping Charges

Postage, shipping or handling charges, if any, should bear a reasonable relationship to actual costs incurred.”

--Direct Marketing Association’s Guidelines for Ethical Business Practice

“When figuring shipping and handling fees, it is important to reflect the costs as accurately as possible so that your customers or prospects are not likely to view these fees as a company ‘profit center."  

--Do the Right Thing:  A Companion to DMA’s Guidelines for Ethical Business Practice

Many companies unethically charge far more for shipping and handling than their actual costs. The Law Office of Richard S. Cornfeld, LLC has brought lawsuits over this deceptive and unfair practice, which violates established ethical principles.

The Direct Marketing Association is the leading industry association for companies that market directly to consumers.  Its ethical standards mandate that shipping and handling charges “should bear a reasonable relationship to actual costs incurred.”  See Direct Marketing Association's Guidelines for Ethical Business Practice.

If you have ordered a product, been forced to pay what you consider excessive shipping or delivery charges, and are willing to talk to us about your experiences, please contact us.  

There is no charge or obligation for discussing these issues, reviewing your information, or answering your questions.